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 Welcome to the Okanagan Jewish Community Association (OJCA)


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The OJCA is a Synagogue (Beth Shalom Synagogue) and Community Centre (OJCC) located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in kelowna, British Columbia. With a diverse membership consisting of Jews with Orthodox, Conservative and Reform backgrounds, the Okanagan Jewish community has

styled itself to conduct its services and celebrate holidays in an all inclusive fashion. As a result of the strength which this diversity brings, the OJCA has evolved to be a progressive Jewish community with a growing and enthusiastic membership. As well, the OJCA has historically maintained an active involvement and a strong presence in the mainstream of the culturally diverse Okanagan community at large.      

Upcoming Service:

Date: Saturday September 17

Time: 10:00am

Rabbi: Lindsey Bat Joseph

Dear Members & Friends,

Kaddish will be said for Manny Pinsky on Saturday September 17th during services (10:00am) with guest Rabbi Lindsey Bat Joseph.

Luncheon will follow services.


Previous Announcement:
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of long time OJC member and friend EMANUEL (Manny) PINSKY.
Manny passed away at Kelowna General Hospital on August 11, 2016.
In Manny’s words “he would have liked to be remembered by one and all as a person who enjoyed life to the end”. He requested that “If you feel a donation is necessary, do so to your preferred cancer organization.”

Rabbis for High Holidays:

DATES: (Times TBA)

Erev Rosh Hashana October 2

Rosh Hashana - October 3

Kol Nidre - October 11

Yom Kippur - Ocober 12


Dear Members & Friends,


The Okanagan Jewish Community is pleased to announce that a new Rabbi will be joining us for the 2016 High Holidays.

As many of you know, after being with us for the past 5 years, Rabbi Schwartzman has moved to the East Coast and will no longer be able to join us.  Your Rabbinical Search committee searched far and wide, and interviewed 8 potential candidates for the job.  In the end, our first choice stood out from the crowd.  Rabbis Larry and Linda Seidman - a married couple from Irvine, California - are enthusiastic about co-officiating Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with us this year.   They make a dynamic, warm and spiritual team who we believe will be a good fit for our community.  For more information about Rabbi Lawrence Seidman, please visit his website.  (  



Larry and Linda Seidman

Home: Irvine, Calif.

First/primary career: Engineers

Current path: Ordained rabbis

Larry and Linda Seidman built a life around similar careers as aerospace engineers. Now, in retirement, the couple has again chosen the same path: They are both ordained rabbis.

Why this path: "We've been very blessed. As rabbis we can give back to the world using the wisdom of Jewish teachings and traditions."

"Never in a million years would either of us have expected to become rabbis—we're rational engineers, after all," says Mr. Seidman. "But this chapter in our life is turning out to be the most rewarding yet."

The Seidmans both completed their rabbinical studies at the Los Angeles-based Academy for Jewish Religion, California, with Larry graduating in 2009 and Linda one year later. The couple now spend their time officiating weddings and funerals, leading religious study groups, giving lectures and serving as rabbis in the Orange County jails. Nothing could be further from their primary careers as engineers, they both say.

New State of Mind

"I've always been connected to my religion, but I spent my life using my analytical mind, not my spiritual one," says Ms. Seidman.

Mr. Seidman, now 71, earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of California at Berkeley and spent his career working at places like AT&T's Bell Labs, Mitre Corp. and Boeing Co., from which he retired in 2007. Ms. Seidman, 70, worked as a computer and satellite systems engineer and program manager at Lockheed, Hughes and Boeing, retiring in 2008. Though they earn some income for rabbinical services, the Seidmans rely on their pensions and Social Security.

More from The New Retirement

"You don't really decide to become a rabbi to make money," jokes Mr. Seidman.

One activity that both Mr. and Ms. Seidman love is working in the county jail system with inmates. Helping people at such a difficult time in their lives is challenging but extremely rewarding, they say. "Here are people who are struggling with the idea of repentance, and we can help guide them on that difficult path," says Ms. Seidman, who also works with hospice patients facing a very different type of challenge—the end of life.

The Rational Rabbi

Mr. Seidman also enjoys studying and writing about Judaism, and helping people grapple with the "big questions."

"Many people struggle with how God fits with a rational view of the world, but, of course, you can believe in God and still be a rational, thinking person," says Mr. Seidman, who runs a website called "Through writing, speaking and officiating, I try to help people of all faiths figure out what God means to them."

Though their work as rabbis leaves little downtime, the Seidmans find ways to combine work with pleasure. They both love to travel, for example, and often serve as rabbis on cruise ships. They also travel for fun, including a recent trip to Antarctica.

"I don't have much time for hobbies, I get calls all the time to do a wedding, help with holiday ceremonies or just offer some counseling to a friend—and I don't know how to say no," says Ms. Seidman. "But I love what I do. It keeps me intellectually and spiritually engaged, and there will be time for bridge and tennis later."



I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer and are beginning to gear up for the fall!

Hebrew classes will be as follows:
K-3 from 3:30-4:30

Grades 4-7 from 4:30-5:30

We are looking for a full-time commitment
by families to attend weekly classes.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me,
Natalie Spevakow (Hebrew School Coordinator)

Ask the Rabbi: Rabbi Shaul Osadchey

As part of the Bridging Mountains Project, Rabbi Shaul Osadchey has offered to reach out to our community for any questions we may have about Judiasim, The Torah, Israel or General Jewish Life. Please click here to contact Rabbi and don't be shy.






Gesher HaHar: Bridging the Mountains

A Pilot Project of Collaboration

Beth Tzedec Congregation & OJCA

Every Jewish community regardless of size or locale serves as an important thread woven into the tapestry of the Jewish People.  The diversity of the Jewish experience enriches Jewish religious and cultural practices as it expands the Jewish capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing world.  Beth Tzedec (Calgary) on the east side of the Canadian Rockies and the Okanagan Jewish Community Association (OJCA) on the western side share a common Jewish milieu in the setting of the independent and individualist spirit of Western Canada. 


NEXT BETH TZEDEC VISITOR: April 15-16 (Cantor Russ)


The Benefits of Gesher HaHar: Pilot Project of Collaboration is that it enhances the resources of our smaller community so that it can be a viable setting for the celebration of Jewish life while it challenges the established to act on the important mitzvah of sustaining Klah Yisrael- Jewish Peoplehood.


Please click here for further details about our project or call David Spevakow: 250-317-5283